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Palm на CES 2010

Posted in Palm by oaobe on 08/01/2010

CES Logo

Добрата новина е че има новини!

* Pre coming to SFR in France
* PreCentral webOS App Gallery brings the App Catalog to your browser
* Palm reveals open web distribution of webOS apps
* Video recording coming to webOS
* Flash 10.1 coming soon to a Palm near you
* Palm makes the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus official, Verizon only, and with tethering
* webOS 1.4 coming in February with built-in Flash, video, etc
* Palm CES 2010 Presentation Gallery
* Hands-On with the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pixi Plus!

Тук може да видите презентацията на Jon Rubinstein – CEO на компанията


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